Google Advertising isn’t just for online sales.
“3 in 4 people who find local information in search results are more likely to visit stores.”Google, 2014

Search Engine Marketing

It's how you help buyers find you.
Show shoppers what they want to buy now
If you run a hardware store selling a range of products, you should set up ads to appear when people search for keywords like 'Black & Decker Cordless Drill' or 'Outdoor Extension Cord'.

Direct People to Your Store

If someone wants to go to a shop and buy a circular saw now, they might search 'hardware store, Manchester'. By combining the power of Google AdWords Location Extensions with your Google My Business profile, you can pop up high in these search results, along with your opening hours, phone number, customer reviews and a Google Map to your shop.

Make Your Phone Ring

Google's Call Extentions and Call Only Ads make it easy for customers to call you directly from the search results page on their mobile phone. Google can provide a special phone number for this, so you can track these conversions and know how well your advertising is working.

Be Unforgettable

You can send out custom advertisements to shoppers who once visited your website. 'Remarketing' to these customers can sometimes deliver better results at lower cost. These potential customers will be seeing your ad all over the internet; they may start to think you are famous, or at least a market leader.
In Europe, 63% of customers searching for information about local businesses are only a few miles from that business.”Google, 2014


Today's consumers have less time and more choice than ever before. How do you cut through the noise and win the attention of your ideal customer? Luckily for advertisers like you, Search and Social Media Powerhouses like Google and Facebook know your customers better than anyone; they can facilitate a very friendly introduction at just the right time.

Target Customers by Demographics and Interests

Who buys from you? Are you trying to target new mothers, aged 20-40, who like yoga, organic food and live within 30 miles of your business? We can find them easily and write an ad that 'speaks' to them and is more likely to catch their attention.

Control the Places Your Ad Can Appear

Google lets you bid to place your advertisement on websites and apps that you choose. For example, if you are targeting British people interested in real estate, you may choose to run your ads only on RightMove, PrimeLocation and the mobile app

Show Your Ad to Those Who 'Look Like' Your Customers

Once a few hundred people have interacted with your website and social media profiles, you can set up 'remarketing' lists to show your ads to people who are similar to those who already like your business. 'Similar' may mean that they have conducted the same search on Google, or that their behaviour on Facebook shows that they have a lot in common with your customers.
Google loves it when people find exactly what they're looking for. They want users to click on ads and land on pages that load fast, work beautifully on mobile and give them what they want. For this reason, great landing pages and matching ads get a boost from Google - more advertising for less money. We want you to benefit from this, so there's a lot of groundwork to do before we launch your ad. These are the steps we go through.

Research and Audit

Using a range of SEO Analytics tools, we audit the performance of your website and the websites of your top 5 competitors.


Goal Setting

We meet with you (virtually), share our findings, gain a full understanding of your goals and agree an advertising budget.


Campaign Planning

We conduct keyword research, create or optimise landing pages, and set up conversion tracking and remarketing in Google Analytics.



We create ads calibrated to catch the attention of your customers on Google Search and across 2 million websites that make up the Google Display Network.



Every day we check to see how your ads are performing. We tweak settings so you spend your entire budget on the tactics that are working best.



Every month we provide reports to show you how Google ads are increasing your website traffic and improving your conversion rates.

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