Our Privacy Policy

When you give us your email address, it remains private; we will never sell, trade or share it with any other business or person outside of our company. We will store your email address in our email system until you unsubscribe by clicking "unsubscribe" at the bottom of any of our emails.

If you have given us your email address, we will take notice of the content that interests you, so that we can give you more related content that you might value.

This website uses a variety of tools to track your behaviour so that we can provide more targeted content across a variety of platforms. Tools that we use include the Facebook pixel, Facebook remarketing, Facebook conversion tracking, and Google Analytics.

We have enabled advertising features in Google Analytics, so Google can provide to us anonymous information about our users, including Audience Demographics and Interests Reporting.

In Google Analytics, we have enabled data collection for Display and Search Remarketing. This means we collect data from Google's signed-in users who have chosen to enable Google to associate their web and app browsing history with their Google account, and to use such information from their Google account to personalize ads.

Google Analytics temporarily joins these identifiers to our Google Analytics data in order to support the creation of our audiences.

If you wish to opt out of all Google Analytics tracking, you can do so by adding a simple and free browser plugin, which you can get using the button below.

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